Traditional Methods of Conflict Management

The TACORES research project (Traditional Methods of Conflict Management), has been initiated by a team of researchers at CSC in July 2012. The project intends to investigate, first, what are the main traditional methods of conflict management used all over the world. Secondly, its purpose is to discover the main traditional methods of conflict management used by remote communities located in the Apuseni Mountains and if the ancient methods coming from the old law of the land still survived. The research report is estimated to be made public in the summer of 2016.

Research Timeline:

October 2015 – team members selection, research design, methodology of study;

November 2015-January 2016 – library and archives research;

February 2016 – organization of the field research;

March-April 2016 – field research;

May-June 2016 – data analysis and final report;

July 2016 – public presentation of the research report.