Conflict Observer Project

The Conflict Observer is a project of the Conflict Studies Center, a specialized outfit of the College of Political, Administrative and Communication Sciences at Babes-Bolyai University of Cluj-Napoca, Romania. It aims to give students enrolled in the international MA program in Conflict Analysis and Management (IMPACT) an opportunity to use their knowledge and skills in conflict analysis in a practical way and to expose their ideas, visions and analysis worldwide. The students from the first year of study are assign to gather the news, document a conflict and follow closely all sources of information concerning their case study, whether the students from the second year provide analysis and policy papers. They all work under the supervision of CSC’s researchers, in teams covering each a specific geopolitical area: Africa, Central Asia & Eastern Europe, Middle East and Far East. Some of our students come from those areas, which gives them an edge on their endeavor to understand and make understood why and how people cope with the respective conflicts.

Methodologically, the COP gives tribute to a set of models for conflict analysis belonging to institutions like USIP, INEE, SIDA and UNDP. We are trying to make use of a combination of elements contained by these excellent models in order to gave readers a better understanding of the conflicts we study and, if possible, to make the world a little bit more sensitive to issues of importance to the people living in conflict areas. It is our modest contribution to international conflict management and to the efforts to effectively prevent and resolve wars that thorn apart the lives of millions.