Conflict and Development Project

Brief description:

This project studies the bi-directional way conflict and development influence each other and has as main aims, first, to identify if the presence of unsolved conflicts in a certain community has a direct effect upon the level of community development (or, better said, the persistence of under-development) and, second, what kind of conflict management practices can be best suited for sustainable community development. Subsidiary, the project intends to build a series of instruments for measuring community conflict profiles, levels of cooperation and conflict between community members and skills of local leaders in conflict management.

Possible locations selected for field research:

Sancraiu, Cluj County: established by the union of two villages – Szenkral, documented 1334 and another village on the opposite bank of the river, documented 1228; 1663 inhabitants.

Rimetea, Alba County: documented 1257; 584 inhabitants.

Albac, Alba County: documented 1733; 517 inhabitants.

Baisoara, Cluj County: documented 1426; 1891 inhabitants; Liteni fortress 12th century.

Poieni, Cluj County: documented 1500; 4724 inhabitants; 9 villages, most interesting Tranisu, near Visagu which is part of Sacuieu.

Sacuieu, Cluj County: documented 1461; Rogojel and Visagu villages of interest.

Belis, Cluj County: documented 1737/1770; 1164 inhabitants; 7 villages.

Marisel, Cluj County: documented 1724; 1468 inhabitants.

Research Timeline:

October 2015 – team members selection, research design, methodology of study;

November 2015-January 2016 – library and archives research;

February 2016 – organization of the field research;

March-April 2016 – field research;

May-June 2016 – data analysis and final report;

July 2016 – public presentation of the research report.