Mediation Essentials Workshop – Dealing With Organizational Conflicts

The Conflict Studies Center, belonging to the College of Political, Administrative and Communication Sciences at Babes-Bolyai University of Cluj-Napoca, Romania, will organize the 5th edition of the Mediation Essentials Workshop. This year edition will focus on the organizational conflict, its sources and the methods we can use in order to solve it efficiently.

Our guest speakers are Padeanu Marin (member of the Romanian Mediation Council), Claudiu Guraliuc (freelance photographer and a former bank branch manager) and Alexis Taravinas (executive). They will share their experiences in the field of organizational conflict resolution and will present some of the career opportunities in this field.

The event will take place between 12 and 14 of June, starting from 17.00, and it will take place in the IV/6 room, FSPAC building.

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